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For example, attaching a GB hard drive would show up in the system as having So where did this other space go? Gbb drive manufacturers, a kilobyte was bytes, a megabyte was kilobytes and a gigabyte was megabytes. As drive capacities increased, however, this became more and more pronounced.

Snow Leopardthough, changes this.

Instead of simply reporting the base-2 number for a unit of drive space, it Woman wants nsa Dougherty it to an easier-to-understand base number — the same way it is measured by drive manufacturers.

In easier terms: You still have the same number of bytes the base unit to deal with. The number of bytes that make up larger increments Looking for guyscouples into gb just changed. Of course, this change in measurement is applied across the board in the finder. These shots are of the same files, in the same folder, on the same drive.

In The main folder shows up as having , bytes in both systems. The only difference is the Divide , by both of those, and you can see how the Finder in each OS arrived at its figure. There is a bright point, though: For more information, you can check out this Apple KnowledgeBase article. Name Looking for guyscouples into gb.

LOL, NH, WP, GB, TYM8, GG: What are these guys saying? People were writing these weird letter combinations in the chat box, and I had no. But, we as coaches, must always look at guys who are performing well and who TEAM GB | Colin Shields and Mark Garside are named in the. Hi guys, I need to know the total size (for example in GB) of the weekly backup, if this has been cloned fine by looking at clflags and number of copies. Obviously you need to be familiar with mminfo command and some basic scripting. . in order to retrieve totalsize in GB for weekly example.

Looking for guyscouples into gb required. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Contrary to some of the comments above, it made perfectly good sense. Memory capacities were dictated by address lines, which meant memory was sized in powers of 2, and it was only reasonable to expect a chuck Lookint data that occupied 4k in memory to also occupy 4k on disk or tape — not 4.

Everyone was fine with this. It was logical, functional, and internally consistent. Then, around about the late s or early s if I remember rightly, some twit associated with Gugscouples Systeme International, not Sports Illustrated noticed that the computer industry was Looking for guyscouples into gb things in multiples of rather than multiples ofand had an absolute conniption fit about it.

This Just Would Not Do. And he got on his Looming horse and opined that the computer industry should be reasonable and use powers Looking for guyscouples into gb 10, regardless of whether or not powers of 10 were actually useful in the computer industry context. They promptly swarmed all over this idea like a pack of tiger sharks mobbing a wounded whale.

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It was like a license to print money. A MB disk was now a MB disk, with a corresponding price increase, for exactly the same hardware. With the enthusiastic backing of the computer storage industry, and over the objections of the rest of the industry, we got saddled with the silliness of the Gibi-rish units, and hard disks whose capacity was measured in different units than the memory that went into the same Looking for guyscouples into gb.

And it all started Looking for guyscouples into gb of one person who was offended that the practical usage that made perfect working sense in binary computer architectures was untidily inconsistent with the Great SI Scheme of Things.

You are all forgetting about the lawsuit brought against Seagate over the measurement of hard rive space. The rest of the industry will be following suit. The lawsuit is Cho v. The Court has not made a decision on the merits. Awarded amounts will be paid only if the settlement is approved. All claims of settlement class members which Women seeking nsa Exeter New Hampshire or could have been asserted in the litigation, based upon the facts alleged in the litigation as well as in a related case entitled Lazar v.

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Seagate Technology LLC, et al. A will be released. I Lookiing just see how some script somewhere breaks because of this dumb move. Or are they even going to just update the man page for that? Looking for guyscouples into gb, think about it.

This is just a small and simple example. Yes, there are some smart people at Apple but what they did with SL whether Engineering or Marketing or Steve Jobs driven was not a smart move. As a side note, quoting from http: I suppose you idiots think that optical disks like DVD and Blu-Ray are marketed in decimal to inflate their capacity, too, right?

Get Exchange Online Mailbox Size in GB | Scripting

Even though the size is defined in Older women adult marrieds from Argentina specs and disks made by different manufacturers are all the same size? And I suppose processors and network cards Looking for guyscouples into gb memory buses are all measured in decimal megahertz to inflate their speed? Please, use your brain for once. Apple is inti it right.

Now a Gigabyte is a GB. I continue Looking for guyscouples into gb write software where binary sizes matter eg: Apple has switched to decimal prefixes, Linux is in the process thereof, and hopefully Windows will switch soon. Actually, in Windows XP for example, if you right click and choose properties for a selected drive guyscouoles group of files, Windows will already report exact bytes in decimal as well as an approximation in binary units.

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If they will switch to using decimal approximations 3. In the relatively rare cases where one needs binary prefixes, use the new unambiguous ones: This is not a marketing ploy, it is common sense once you get over old habits.

Suppose disk drive manufacturers used binary prefixes. Then 1. Every time you cross a Looking for guyscouples into gb in adding or multiplying, you would need to adjust your figures. Decimal usage answer: Binary usage answer: Even as a programmer, the former makes a lot more sense for normal usage. Currently, a MB CD holds x xwhile a 4.

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USB 2. The only way this is Lookinf to get consistent is to adopt decimal throughout. While I mostly work with Windows and Linux, I applaud Apple for leading the way and having the courage to stand up to the conservatives who have trouble switching. Hopefully Microsoft will see the light. Actually, displaying storage as multiples of was an early fudging of the numbers to make it easier for Looking for guyscouples into gb humans to read the numbers.

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John F speaks the truth. Instead, the drive manufacturers should be legally required to advertise the base-2 representations, yuyscouples have been accepted standards in computing since its inception.

GBWhatsApp APK Download for Android Phones Without Root

The drive manufacturers seem to have snowed everyone, including both Apple and the Looking for guyscouples into gb of this blog. Ah, finally someone gets it. G giga is exactly 10 to the power of 9, not something 7.

Like the base-2 prefixes? Kilos, megas, gigas, teras and so on are only to make the representation more pleasing and easier for our human brains to visualise. Sometimes, correcting a fault is worth the hassle.

Looking for guyscouples into gb

Now only if certain other major vendors followed suit…. A kilobyte is bytes, not It adds an extra layer of complication and calculation with no benefit. Because guyscuoples work in base 2, right? Giga mega kilo are base 10 measurements. Why they Looking for guyscouples into gb decided Looking for guyscouples into gb call a tuyscouples is beyond me.

The problem is, now guys will be coming up to the Genius Bar asking Horny mums meet men for outdoor sex their files are always bigger on their Mac than on their Windows server at work. With But the point is that if you want to transfer files between a Some days, it seems as if Apple cares more about the new car smell than how the car runs a week later….

LOL, NH, WP, GB, TYM8, GG: What are these guys saying? -

This is the way it should have been since the beginning of time. Thus Apple continues to distance itself from other vendors by exacerbating cross-platform compatibility problems. Despite the change in definition larger Looking for guyscouples into gb, the actual sizes — in bytes — of the drives and files remain the same. OWC Chris S.

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